I’m Gregg Miller, a former… well, lots of things.

This site is meant to share my intellectual/creative explorations with the world. If you’re looking for some interesting perspectives on things or a novel and remarkably cozy solution to a problem, stop on by. You might find the answer here.

While I do my best to keep things as short and simple as possible, that is most easily done when you do what people already understand. When you venture into the unknown, your path is not marked by obvious street signs. You must explain yourself with bread crumbs, etchings on trees, and splashes of paint on rocks. I will do my best to make what is endlessly interesting to me at least a little interesting to my readers.

What I ask of you is to keep an open mind and to maintain a sense of curiosity. If something doesn’t seem like it quite lines up with what you know, please ask me a question. I love explaining all of the things that brevity forces me to leave unexplained.

Please check out the blog for the latest. You should also check out the sections in the menu above, as they are chock full of interesting interestings. To the right, you can view past posts by their category or just in the order they were all posted.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy.
-Concept Gregg

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