Active Projects

With some reservations, I’ve decided to share a few projects that are upfront in my mind these days. I picked to share these because I am eager to get these done so I can get on to the next interesting thing. I also picked them because they show the wide range of my interests. In many of them reside the seeds of the next project (which I may be working on simultaneously).

These are to me what model airplanes, memorabilia collecting, or trips to exotic places are to other people. They are my serious hobbies, the things on which I spend money that I don’t have, things that I think about when I should be working. Maybe you’re a knitting ninja who knows every trick and stitch pattern, dreaming of the next challenge that is sure to occupy the next year of your free time. Maybe you’re an obsessive sports fan who memorizes stats the way chemists memorize ionic compounds, dreaming of the moment when someone will want to know who won the second game in a championship in 1968. Or maybe you absolutely need to own every version of Boba Fett ever made. That’s what these are to me. I obsessively dive into a new subject, learn a ton about it until I find how it connects to something that I know, discover a problem, and define the solution to it.

The word “complete” here may need some clarification as my definition probably differs from Merriam-Webster. An art project is complete when it’s complete, sure. Other projects are a little tougher to explain. The first paragraph of my Free Ideas section should help explain this. When I’ve created to my satisfaction, that is to a point where any specialist can pick it up without question and run with it, I no longer need to meddle with it. I’m always available for consultation or questions, but once the hand-off happens, I’d like to focus on the next exciting thing. Different projects have different completion points that are nowhere near what you might call “complete.” I’ll try to make it clear in each case.

I’ve kept the material in these projects deliberately short and vague. In part, this is so that they are less likely to walk off without me, although I accept that risk merely by discussing them. However, this is also to get you interested in them, eager to see them realized. If you’d like to learn more about one of them, just ask. Between sketches, writing, and digital representations, I have gobs of material on all of these and would love to talk your ear off about them.

Current Projects
As projects are completed, I will remove them from here. I will try to keep this list down to five, but no promises. 😉
The Cell (System)
The Teddy Bear Picnic (Art)
Dawn (Game)
Of No Nation (Book)
Frames (Vehicle)

If you would like to know more about any of this, please contact me offline or through the form below.


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