Drafting & CAD

Some of my CAD and drafting work are below. I’ll add a few more as time permits.

There’s more in my portfolio than this, but this will give you some idea.

A Presentation of PowerPoint Prowess
A compilation of slides from other presentations.

The Black Donut
An open project for an 8-week, 1-credit honors class, I made this at first using SketchUp and then switched to AutoCAD, and finally to Powerpoint. This presentation is based on the original post of the same name.

A House in Revit
We were largely left to our devices in an introductory Revit class. I went to town, utterly refusing to design it with rectangles and squares.

Triangular Fire Stairs
This is built on a rectangular fire stair design I did just a month before. It’s interesting small-space problem-solving.

Two-Story Frame House
All of the building plans and elevations for a standard house.

Rec Center
I re-worked this many times during the design and modeling process. I’m still not in love with it, but that wasn’t the point. I learned an incredible amount from this and my very supportive professor (Thank you, Professor Nazzi 🙂 ).

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