The Marine Cell

Marine Cell Logo - TacticalI will eagerly talk your ear off about the Cell in general and the Marine Cell in specific in the future. For now, here’s the thesis (Discourse), a quick reference guide, and a pocket summary.

The graphic below uses the cell to explain why you need to read the thesis.

The Marine Cell – PDF

Despite a long history of success, the modern rifle squad and its component fire teams must now be able to do more than has been asked of them in the past. Today’s model is not sufficiently adaptable, its roles not sufficiently distributed, control not sufficiently liberated for a battlefield of increasing complexity. This project proposes an alternative organizational system in an attempt to answer the simple question, “How should tomorrow’s fire team and squad look?” Military evolution affects everyone, from the warfighter to the pre-schooler, yet it happens largely by accident. It is time to take an informed look at the root organization of teams in armed conflict.

From the discourse:

Warfighters should not be compelled to adhere to a model that does not reflect their situation.

Mission statements do not, and should not, contain instructions.

The idea of the expendable pawn needs to vanish from military thinking.

Quick Reference Guide
PDF – Pocket Guide – Quick Reference
Print double-sided, stack together, and fold in half.

Summary Guide
PDF – Pocket Guide – Summary
Print double-sided, stack together, and fold in half.

Instructional Videos
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