Of No Nation

Project Name: Of No Nation
Project Type: Book
Target Date: First Draft – November 2015

On this site I write a lot about what bothers me. Many of those things are simply symptoms of a deeper set of social problems that I have always found it difficult to ignore enough to be part of this world.

Some years ago I began to wonder how that problem might be righted. I wrote most of a book about a modern conflict that changed that, but I realized, even as I wrote it, that the effort would ultimately be unsuccessful. A few years ago I went at it again. This time I found a point in US history where this could have been done: a narrow five-year window. I began creating a character who could have done this and the story that would make it happen. It has been one of my great obsessions ever since and I long for the day when I can share this story with others.

I’m writing a book, a little longer than a novella. It takes place in the early 19th century and involves characters from across the globe. It is funny and sad, uplifting and heart-breaking, and, if you keep an open mind, will make you question what you know about almost everything and everyone.

I currently have 103 pages (more than 53,000 words) written. I also have a separate excel file containing storyline, historic timeline, characters, and references.

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