Miscellaneous Creations

This is a collection of designs and drawings in different mediums for a specified purpose. I’ll add to this as I decide about sharing certain material.

Gunny Parking
No Parking Sign
I thought of this when I was a sergeant, actually. The double entendre was too funny. I created all of this (including the car, the Hummer, and the TOW missile launcher launcer) using powerpoint. Always wanted this printed in metal.
GySgt Parking

Alternate Universal Connector
I learned during Fall 2013 semester that the existing universal connector (that allows a shaft to turn another shaft at a different angle) had an error cycle wherein the two angles were not always the same at the same time. This was my attempt to remedy that. It has a reduced range but (I think) also a reduced error.
Universal Connector

The Grip
Pocketknife and Tool
I’m really really snottily particular about my pocketknives and I never find everything that I want in just one. I decided to take it upon myself to design my own. It includes many characteristics that I’ve come to demand of my knives plus a few that I’ve never seen before.
This most recent version was created in AutoCAD.

Mechanical Pencil
It’s hard to find a good mechanical pencil. This is a primary experimental sketch of a balanced pencil that lifts the tip, compelling me to push it down and move across the paper. Remember, it’s for me, not for you. This characteristic inspires me.

Black Donut
These are the preliminary sketches from the thought experiment that led to The Black Donut.
Black Donut

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