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Project Name: The Cell
Project Type: System
Target Date: Stages Ongoing

I was first exposed to Einstein’s energy equation in my early teens. I thought it was brilliant. It was so simple and universally true. I thought that this equation must be based on principles that were not based in math, since math is the way that we understand our world, but not necessarily how it works. I set about understanding what basic principles might underlie that equation, and the behavior of people, and all that we know.

Over the next 15 years I developed a system called The Cell. I recall fairly early on (I might have been 16) leaving school one day and coming to the realization that trees were upside down. I shouted it as I ran across the street before I realized that people were staring at me. The concept has evolved and been refined a great deal over the years and I have applied it wherever possible in order to understand it better and to make the world which I inhabit better for those around me.

The Cell is both a glyphic language utility for talking about organization and interaction as well as an organizational model based on the distribution of control within connected components. More fundamentally, it is a system that attempts to understand science without math, behavior with conviction, and the unknown as component to the known. It is endlessly scalable and modular. I have not yet found something to which it could not be applied.

Currently, I have oodles of material in various formats. I have begun a periodic blog post (also called The Cell) where I talk about the Cell system in its purest form. The first is The Three Tenets.

Ultimately, I would like to write a heavy book with several case studies talking about this in depth. In order to avoid frightening off the layman, I plan to use a format that allows the reader to indulge to their preferred depth of curiosity and comprehension, then move on without affecting their use of the system. In this way, the reader doesn’t have to read every single word of the book, but if they have unanswered questions, they can.

Case Studies
Social Applications
The Marine Cell
I applied the Cell to the organization that I know most intimately: the Marine Corps. This is a good way to understand how the Cell works.
Here you will find the 65-page discourse, Quick Reference Guide, and Summary Guide. I am currently developing a video presentation for this concept, broken up into lessons, and a series of posts on this blog called Tactical Concepts that use this format.
I would like to expand this to company-size and go into more detail with the roles and applications, including using this system to describe past and present models.

The Cell Classroom
My next application of the Cell will be to the educational system. This was originally called New School, but the Cell Classroom (the other organization I am familiar with) seemed to put the focus where it was most needed.
I have gobs of notes, research, and excel documents all exploring the model, community, cost, evaluation, etc collected since I began this application while talking to an aunt who is a retired high school principle. I am surrounded by former and current educators, and other people who are passionate about education. I want to make this for them.
I would like to write a discourse comparable to the Marine Cell, scaling it up to the size of one school in a district. I would like to intimately describe how a classroom would work at different learning levels, and use this model to talk about how past and present models work or don’t.

I have some other organizations and social problems to which I would also like to apply the Cell, one challenge at a time.

Non-Social Applications
For the time being, I’d like to leave my work on this off the table. But just be aware that there are such applications and, at some point, I’d like to post them here.

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